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Eye-catching, Cinematic Look in Black and White

How to Light for an Eye-catching, Cinematic Look in Black and White | Fstoppers:

this great video talks about how lighting differs when you’re filming in black and white versus color and how to maximize its effectiveness. I personally love the look of black and white for a lot of different stories, and it’s particularly hard to imagine some of the most iconic such scenes I can remember being as effective in color.

Focus Stacking for Landscape Photographers

The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photographers:

So all of this sounds dandy but how does it actually work? Even though it’s an advanced technique, it’s actually not as difficult as you might fear. Capturing multiple images with different focus points is rather easy and if you’re already familiar with blending multiple exposures for better dynamic range this won’t be that hard.

If you’re new to Adobe Photoshop this might be confusing and even demotivating but, trust me, with some practice it won’t be long until you master the art of focus stacking (and so much more!).

Photographer turns bullied kids into Avengers

Photographer turns bullied kids into Avengers in this empowering project – DIY Photography:

We’ve seen photographer Josh Rossi turn kids into superheroes before. When his three-year-old daughter received hateful comments after he photographed her as Wonder Woman, the photographer decided to use his creativity to send a message against bullying. He gathered fifteen kids who have been bullied and turned them into Avengers for a photo shoot.